Kurauni is a one of the village of Bihar, India, which is located at about 8 km north from Sheikhpura town in the Sheikhpura district (Note: 1947- 1994 the village part of Munger district). The old name of the village is Kurhani. This village is comes in the picture at about 1000 (approx) years ago. The Kurauni is present in block Sheikhpura, Panchyat is Mehus, Post office is Katari, Police station is Korma. The village comes in the Barbigha MLA (Assembely) seat area and MP seat area (Lok Sabha) is Nawada (Note: 1947 – 2010 the MP seat was Bagusarai). The total population of the village is 1,250 from 162 houses holds. The citizen of village is well educated and the literacy rate is 65% (The male literacy rate: 72% and female literacy rate: 58 %). For the education the village have own school named as Middle School, Kurauni(Run by Government of Bihar). This village is most educated village of Sheikhpura district. The mostly people are working and the average of total working of people is 80% (87.4% of the men and 72.6 % of the women are working) of the whole population. The main industry of the village is agriculture & a big industry of village is Pitcher & Pottery work. Village had own library named "Sarvodaya Pustakalaya" which is destroyed in flood & also the village have own hospital which is in very poor condition. Today's the villagers depends upon the nearest towns Sheikhpura, Barbigha & Patna for health purpose.